Meerkat Now Lets You Livestream Video From A GoPro

Live streaming app Meerkat now allows users to stream video from select GoPro cameras as it looks to gain a lead over Twitter-owned rival Periscope.


The feature will currently work only with the GoPro Hero 3 and an iPhone, with the camera having to be wirelessly connected to the smartphone in order for it to stream video.

Meerkat is apparently working hard to get the feature to work with the newer GoPro Hero 4 series and bring it over to the Android Platform.

The company has been adding features at breakneck speeds in order to figure out which ones people like and which ones they hate in order to build the perfect video streaming app.

Recently, Meerkat began allowing users to connect their Facebook profiles and ‘Cameo’ – ability to switch their live stream over to someone else for a brief period.

The extended camera feature will not only appeal to adventure junkies who use the GoPro, but possibly also news networks that want to push high-quality content via the app.

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