Meet Mahendra Palsule, Techmeme Editor [the Big Bang Geek]

After a brief stint working as a technology blogger and running my own restaurant in Pune, I grabbed the opportunity when Techmeme was looking for an editor based outside the US.

Mahendra Palsule is Editor at Techmeme and is considered as one of the top twitter users from India. Mahendra spent 6 years in Congnizant and has more than 19 years of work experience in IT industry. Mahendra is agnostic regarding platforms, operating systems, browsers, and social networks. He loves cool technology and products, not companies and campaigns.

As part of ‘the Big Bang Geek’ series, we asked Mahendra a few questions with respect to tools he use for consuming information (given his role at Techmeme) to his workspace settings.

Read on.

Pi: How did the move from Cognizant to Techmeme happen?
Mahendra Palsule: I started working in development of multimedia CD-ROMs in the early ’90s. A standard Project/Program Manager career track in IT Services followed, handling relationships with US/EU clients both onsite and offshore. After almost two decades, I wanted change and was looking for more freedom and creativity professionally. After a brief stint working as a technology blogger and running my own restaurant in Pune, I grabbed the opportunity when Techmeme was looking for an editor based outside the US.Mahendra_Palsule 

I have always been passionate about technology, and am also a voracious reader, so this role seemed tailor-made for me.

Pi: How do your family/peers react when they see a ‘random’ title called ‘Editor at Techmeme’ 🙂
Mahendra Palsule: The response is usually a question “So what do you exactly do?” 🙂 It often takes a bit of explaining, especially with the older generation, but analogies to news editors of newspapers usually does the trick.

Pi: Being at Techmeme, how do you manage to consume so much of information? What tools/products you use to consume and process information?

Mahendra Palsule:  Working at Techmeme and keeping up with new developments that happen overnight in the US requires keeping up with news round-the-clock, 24×7. One must be passionately dedicated to cope with the information overload, and still enjoy it. I use few select tools like Twitter, Google Reader, etc. Speed reading techniques help process the deluge of information.

Pi: Mac ? Ubuntu or Windows? What desktop system do you use?

Mahendra Palsule: I have been a PC user since my teens in the mid-80s from the days of MS-DOS. I use Windows 7 on my custom-assembled PC.


Pi: Your phone/OS? Ditto with tablets/smart devices?

Mahendra Palsule: I use an outdated HTC Hero Android phone that I plan to upgrade soon and an iPad 2. As my Twitter bio says, I am platform-agnostic and like to be familiar with all platforms.

Pi: You are also an avid music lover. What tools/services do you use for your music taste?

Mahendra Palsule: I use MediaMonkey to manage my music library, Google Music for cloud storage and streaming, Audacity for analog-to-digital conversion, and MP3Tag for tag management.

Pi: Music you listen to while working?

Mahendra Palsule: I don’t. I am an active music listener, so music would be a huge distraction as I can’t simply let something play in the background. With other jobs in the past, I used to listen to all kinds of instrumental music while working, both Indian, Western and Fusion.

Pi:  Apps/Software you just can’t live without.

Mahendra Palsule: Chrome, Gmail, Twitter, Google Reader, VLC Media Player, LastPass, IMDB, and iBooks.

Pi:  Best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

Mahendra Palsule:  Speed Reading.

Pi:  What’s your workplace setup like?

Mahendra Palsule: I work from home, which has its own rewards and challenges. My workplace today is a makeshift library-cum-office with a standard PC desktop with a dual-monitor setup. I will shortly be shifting to a new place which is being designed as an office from the ground-up with all the bells and whistles I can imagine and afford 🙂Office Setup_Palsule

Follow Mahendra on Twitter @scepticgeek.

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