Meet Vowrr, the Social Network Where You Get Only 25 Seconds to Vow

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Meet Vowrr, the Social Network Where You Get Only 25 Seconds to Vow

Imagine you had only 25 seconds to make a comment on your favorite social network. Would it be direct? Straight from the heart before you can think up of a nicer way to put it? Will you make it count?

Delhi based Vowrr wants to be that network, where people can express their feelings within 25 seconds. Once you login, you can post a status update that others on the network can see. From the time you start, you get 25 seconds to complete an update.

“In 25 seconds you cannot make things up, you write what’s in your heart, direct & to the point,” says Tarun Rathi, the founder of Vowrr. The network doesn’t allow you to delete or edit posts once it is posted either.

“I think providing editing/ deleting would defeat the concept. Vowrr would have things ‘by heart’ and would act like a ‘line on stone’ (in our language it’s called ‘Patthar ki Lakir’) which could never be deleted,” he added.


Rathi runs a mobile app development company and works on Vowrr with his team of developers two days a week. The team is slowly building up a network by getting friends and family to try out the product.

The social network is more like Twitter where your posts are limited to 140 characters. Here, posts are limited by time. Each Vow gets a unique url, which can be used to share on the web. Each user also gets a wall, on which all of his Vows appear.

Question to the team: Is it 25 seconds or 15 seconds?

Vowrr is certainly an intriguing concept. But it is hard to say if it will work or not. With some initial traction, the team wants to test out the virality of the concept and decide where to go from there. Give Vowrr a spin and let us know what you think.

Do you think a concept like this can be licensed to auction (or similar idea) sites?

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