Meeting amnesiaOften, we end

Meeting amnesia

Often, we end up in the same bad meeting over and over again, just because no one remembers what was discussed in the last meeting.

Schedule a short five-minute team debrief after key internal and external calls to avoid meeting amnesia. These debrief are especially important in a fully virtual environment since it’s easy for meeting leaders not to notice when employees (especially junior ones) leave a call confused.

Ways to overcome

  • Make it routine to keep track of what was said and what was meant and share those summaries with attendees and any relevant stakeholders who weren’t present.
  • Do not capture a full play-by-play of the meeting, but rather provide a concise synopsis of the key points and action items in a format that makes the information as accessible as possible.
  • Periodically reviewing this documentation can help your team decide whether these meetings are productive.
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