Meira Kumar’s ‘App baith jaaiye’ – Yes, there is an app for that

meirakumar_app‘Aap baith jaaiye. Shant ho jaaiye’ – this is what Meira Kumar, India’s first woman Lok Sabha speaker keeps saying and Android developer, Avinash Maurya has developed this ridiculously simple app called Baith Jaaiye that imitates her ‘Aap baith jaaiye. Shant ho jaaiye‘ style.

All you need to do is tap the photo and you will have the golden words (ofcourse, you can use the app when in fight with spouse/girl/boy friend as well).

The ridiculously funny app could just spark a new trend of apps that mix humor and politics, though you never know when the government decides to have policies around creating apps for political figures (for example : You CANNOT Link to RBI Website Without Written Permission!).

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