Making India Entrepreneurial: A Conversation With Mekin [On NextBigWhat Radio]

Welcome to a new episode of the Ashish Sinha Show on NextBigWhat Radio!

This is part two of our special interview with Mekin Maheshwari. the founder & CEO of Udhyam Learning Foundation. Here is a brief intro in case you missed the last episode.

An engineer by education, Mekin has had entrepreneurial roles throughout his career. Notably, he joined Flipkart in 2009 to head technology. After having built a strong technology foundation and a great team, he moved on to running two new businesses before finally heading their HR for his last 2 years at Flipkart.

Now, at Udhyam, which is a not-for-profit organization, he is focused on inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset amongst school students, as well as enabling micro-entrepreneurs with consulting and group coaching.

This interview is being released in two parts. In the first part, we focused on Mekin’s journey with Flipkart and in this second and concluding part, we explore his work with Udhyam Learning Foundation and the Indian education system.

In this conversation with Ashish Sinha, Founder & CEO, NextBigWhat, you will hear about how Udhyam aims to change the education system, the work they’re doing with state governments as well as their philosophy in helping micro-entrepreneurs scale.

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