The Memory App : Your personal search engine (for everything in your head)

The Memory App gives you instant recall of everything, anywhere 24/7.. It’s like having your own personal search engine for everything in your head.

The Memory App delivers an easy way to find all of your important information in seconds (photos, passwords, recipes, documents, memberships etc).

Location : Surfers Paradise (Australia)

The Memory App was born out of a daily frustration of having an ever-growing list of things to remember with no simple solution out there for it. The Memory App delivers a solution without categories and that is individual to each human being with a simple user interface. I believe that this essential tool is great for every human being, young and old alike. Who wouldn’t want a better memory? Imagine never forgetting important stuff and having an instant access to all your files, photos, information etc. [Maria Magi, Founder]


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