Mental-health patients and VR – Finally, a smart use

Ever wondered what stops someone with intent, experience, expertise and resources in helping people with severe mental-health difficulties? How do you help a trauma-patient or a severe case of anxiety in re-orienting oneself enough to get on a bus with confidence, to shop something without help or to speak to a stranger?

But Psychosis-fighters can now find help in an unusual corner of technology: Virtual Reality (VR).
Combining VR tools with therapy and coaching can have miraculous progress and results because using immersive real-life situations lets patients deal with their issues without confronting actual consequences.
NIHR i4i Mental Health Challenge Award winners teamed up with Oxford VR/Nowican and have started trying this along with use of a virtual therapist who guides the patient through the therapeutic work and other areas entailed in the journey.
What’s more, it is a treatment that is not just economic but effective too.
As Daniel Freeman, NIHR Research Professor and Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford explains it; this is mixing the very best psychological science with cutting-edge technology.


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