Phulki – Meta Aggregator of Indian Music Sites

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Phulki – Meta Aggregator of Indian Music Sites

If there can be meta search engine/aggregator for travel sites, why not for the musical ones?

Phulki, a recently launched portal aggregates content from Indian musical sites like smashits, dhingana, bollyfm etc.

What’s cool about Phulki?

Phulki banks on the biggest usage barrier of Indian musical sites – i.e. usability.

Most of these sites have a web 1.0 feel (except dhingana) and the inbuilt navigation makes it really difficult to wade through songs (entire usability sucks – why does everything opens in a popup?)

Phulki’s user experience, though highly inspired by Google is a real eye-candy and the strong search engine (one can search using song lyrics, album name, i.e. album: Masoom etc) makes it very easy to find songs.

Playlist creation and already seeded content (check out ‘kuchh bhi’ playlist) makes it very sticky; and on an average, I’d expect any visitor to generate atlesat 4-5 PVs per session (i.e. more exploration/discovery) and stay in the site for a minimum of 30 minutes!

Do give Phulki a spin and share your comments.

If you understand the legal part of music business, I’d like to understand the legal angle of music aggregation business (and whether Phulki is legally right in aggregating content from other sites or not).

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