Meteor App : Test your data speed and get damn useful suggestions on app performance

Meteor app will not only test your speed, it will also tell you what experience you can expect while using popular apps given their connection requirements.

Launched by OpenSignal, Meteor is built to answer the most basic question about your speed: what is it good for? Which apps will work AWESOME for you right now, and which will just be OK? It can even tell you what specifically will work or not work in particular apps (e.g. chatting on WhatsApp might work well, but don’t bother sending photos). 

Main features of Meteor app are:

  • Speed test methodology that tells you the speeds you can expect, not peak speeds that happen rarely.
  • Scores for 6 apps at a time from a selection of 16 popular apps
  • Detail pages for each app with scores for more specific app activities
  • History of your test locations with the best connection

Apps included are: Chrome, Dropbox, Amazon, Facebook, Flipboard, Gmail, Google Maps, Instagram, Skype, Spotify Music, Street View, Twitter, Uber, Waze, WhatsApp, YouTube.

URL : Android play store.

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