Metro Man Arvind Mediratta on Building for India

‘The best way to make an impact in this market is by focusing on three things: Unmet customer need, unarticulated customer need, and emerging customer need.’ – Metro Cash and Carry CEO, Arvind Mediratta.
So what is the kirana store owner’s biggest need? He offers the answer himself. “The articulated need obviously is price.”

“However, their biggest and unarticulated need is to have everything under one roof. Traditionally, kiranas have had to deal with multiple suppliers for different products. A one-stop-shop that offers them all the products and brands they want to stock at their own stores is the unarticulated need of the kirana owner,” Mediratta says.

Metro’s product assortment is one of its biggest assets.
“But who would manage the store when the owner comes to Metro to pick up the supplies?” To plug that gap, Metro has started store delivery of products for small mom-and-pop stores.

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