Mettl launches Query Evaluator to assess hands-on DB query writing skills

Online assessment platform, Mettl has launched a Query Evaluator that allows users (Business managers / Hiring Managers) to create & manage database related hands-on assessments in an automated manner. Mettl has provided a way to define a virtual database and create custom questions and caselets linked to it.

A candidate then can be asked to respond to questions by writing actual database queries. The candidates are also empowered to run the queries on actual database and see results real time. Once a candidate submits his response, the platform checks the result of the query & indicates if they are correct or not. It can run the query over several use cases and corner cases to evaluate the candidate response. The platform also makes available various statistics about the query giving an indication about the quality of the created query to the assessment creator.


Features offered include:

  • Test admins can create customized database questions
  • Virtual Database available against which candidate can run his/her queries
  • Entire schema of the Virtual Database is accessible to candidate
  • Oracle, MySQL, DB2 & MS SQL are supported. Other databases will be launched soon
  • Automatic assessment of submitted response without the need of human intervention. The entire thing (from assessment creation to candidate taking the assessment) runs through a browser (no installation required)

This feature is already being used by companies like Cognizant to ascertain training effectiveness and exact skill levels of its work force.

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