Microblogging meets Real Time QnA – Announcing Answers Service for Startups

We love micro-blogging services – they are short/simple and keeps conversation to-the-point and it’d be fun if microblogging meets QnA kind of service.

While we keep publishing different perspectives about entrepreneurship/product strategy, we do want to host a section for entrepreneurs to collaborate among themselves – ask questions/receive feedback.

So here is it – Answers.PluGGd.in.

microblogging meets qna
Microblogging meets QnA (In Real Time)

Essentially Answers is a QnA service that will host your queries related to entrepreneurship/technology/marketing/sales etc and over a period  of time, it will serve as a knowledge-base for startups and small businesses.

Beauty of this service is that it’s real time, i.e. all the comments/articles are updated real time (without any page refresh), in order to keep the conversations going.

Register here, and if you are the one who wants to shoot your questions asap, use this form (questions submitted via forms are moderated).

Please note: In web2.0 world, this is alpha (without the tag). so do share your feedback/suggestions.


a. What about the earlier forum?

We decided to retire the earlier (no new discussions) one, as forums are quite a web1.0 product and do not engage discussion. Most importantly, the idea was to have a dedicated section for discussions.

b. What about the earlier registrations of Answers?

Some of you tested the earlier product (close to 500 registration in few weeks, without any announcement) and even though we liked the digg based module (from pligg), we decided not to go ahead with it (too buggy/feature limitations etc). So all of the earlier registrations will be removed (kill thy DB). We apologize for this, but integration turns out to be a big pain.

c. Future roadmap for Answers – Integration with Goog/FB/Twitter/Open ID account, so that you don’t have to create another login – that’s our first priority.

We are partnering with teams (like IP lawyers/consultants etc) so that you can get specific questions answered. And all for free 🙂

d. The site just doesn’t work on IE (and no plans to get this rectified in near future). Sorry, but its a question of priorities.

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