Micromax launches Messaging App, HookUp

Micromax has launched HookUp, a messaging app  (powered by China based Hesine) that allows users to exchange pictures, music, videos, send and receive messages and take the advantage of a completely free messaging service.

The latest Android device, A25 will be preloaded in the HookUp app through which a HookUp user can send messages to even a non-HookUp user free of cost (right now, A25 Smarty users can send up to 330 free messages per month for a year giving full return on the amount paid for the device).

Micromax hookup
Micromax hookup

Hookup features include doodle pad, Walkie-Talkie, file sharing, voice notes and location sharing. Micromax also claims that HookUp consumes less memory, minimum battery and Data Usage consumption; has faster push speed and uses less bandwidth (download the .APK file).

 Features: HookUp

  • Single Entry Point: SMS and IM-Chat
  • SPAM/Block list
  • Image/Photo, Video, Audio, Doodle, Contact, Location

The HookUp service needs no activation charge and users just need to tap the activation icon and enter his/her mobile number with user name to get started. All one needs to access HookUp is a GPRS connection.

Currently HookUp is available on Android and MediaTek platforms. (however the free message service is launched for android devices only).

HookUp is currently available on:

  • A57 Ninja 3.5
  • A87 Ninja 4.0
  • Q34, and
  • X335

Given that WhatsApp still doesn’t have a formal presence in India (yet), is there a big opportunity for app startups to disrupt this space?Will operators embrace messaging apps, given that SMS usage has been on a decline?

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