Micromax Taking Bigger Android Bets. Expect Fireworks This Diwali.


Micromax Taking Bigger Android Bets. Expect Fireworks This Diwali.

“Cheap Dual SIM phones” was how their products were described to start with. Yet, they gave Nokia and the others a run for their money and it was a while before anyone caught up with Micromax in the dual SIM market that they pretty much created.

Over time, Micromax has discovered and embraced Android like few others have. Their sights firmly focused on the value end of the market, they started to introduce one cheap smartphone after another, and each new model drove home the point that cheap did not necessarily mean crappy and low rent, but just packaged smartly without being a compromise on everything. The last few models have very good build quality, good processors, are well specced on RAM, cameras (comparable to the lower end Androids from most manufacturers), battery life and other features. They even brought a reasonably popular Siri competitor to a phone which was a fraction of the cost!

Micromax Funbooks have been phenomenal successes in the lower end of the tablet market (read:Tablet sales in India: Micromax beats Samsung and Apple) ; its pretty much a sub-brand in itself. No other budget tablet has been establish the kind of reputation or brand recall that Micromax now commands.

And now they have confidently stepped into bringing the Android experience to the large screen! Micromax announced a slew of LED TVs – completely giving the older LCDs a miss – and more importantly – the SMART Stick – a dongle running on Android ICS that can be plugged in to the televisions to enable wi-fi, as well as wireless keyboard and mouse connectivity – in other words – convert the TV into a massive tablet!! Much cheaper than Smart TVs, and more capable too.

How’s that for smart? Yes – it may not be a very refined implementation yet – but its a crack at a market nobody’s tried exploring yet and might prove to be more than adequate as a consumption device for most people.

Android has been spreading to more and more appliances and devices. Amongst others, Lenovo has launched an Android TV too. We see this as a growing trend – and the premium on ‘smart TVs’ reducing dramatically really soon.

Android TVs could be common soon

While many have wondered if Micromax is trying to do too much too soon, having seen their journey so far and their willingness to experiment, bet big and move fast, we’re pretty bullish they’ll make the best of their consumer electronics – and computing – foray.

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