Micromax : i (can afford this) Phone [Cheeky Marketing Campaign]

Cheesy marketing, but Micromax, after taking on Nokia with cheaper (and feature rich) handsets is now dreaming big with Android devices.

And their latest target is iPhone – they are marketing Android A70 device with a ‘ i (can afford this) phone’ tagline.


PROS Of this marketing campaign:

  • has a cheeky appeal. goes with the ‘youth’ segment, Micromax is running after.
  • has a bold appeal – high time, Micromax does this.
  • enhances the brand value – maybe there is a ‘let me try A70’ appeal after seeing this ad. But one just hopes that it’s a worthy competitor to iPhone (?).
    If the phone doesn’t lives up to the campaign (which is a typical thing with Indian companies – i.e. disconnect between marketing and engineering), then this will bring a big bad name to the Micromax brand (which is currently known for low-cost devices and does not have a top-of-mind recall when it comes to serious smartphones).


  • Reinforces that iPhone is still an aspirational brand (aspirational is something you aspire to and sometimes, you just cannot afford it).  So this is actually an iPhone ad!
  • Android: Frankly, I am not sure if Android wants to be seen as an ‘affordable’ (read: cheap) alternative to iPhone.

Though such campaigns are short-lived and are meant to create instant buzz (otherwise why would we be writing about A70, a month after its release?), this also demonstrates the DNA of the company (Nokia can never plan for such a cheeky campaign in their lifetime).

What’s your take on this messaging?

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