Microsoft Might Acquire The Makers Of To-Do List App Wunderlist

Microsoft has apparently agreed to acquire 6Wunderkinder GmbH, the Berlin-based startup that has built the incredibly popular Wunderlist to-do app, in a deal that is valued between $100mn and $200mn.


The acquisition could part of Microsoft’s focus on improving its line of cross-platform mobile apps, which began with the launch of Office apps on iOS.

The company isn’t new to acquiring mobile app developers and its previous acquisitions of Acompli and Sunrise Atelier are now bearing fruit. Microsoft has rebranded Acompli as Outlook, which has received high praise.

If the deal does go through, it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft uses the app to help build its own or merely rebrands it as a new service.

Further, Microsoft does seem to be interested in building more robust productivity tools aimed at the mobile, in which case Wunderlist would fit the bill for acquisition perfectly.

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