Microsoft Is Putting Azure and Windows 10 At The Forefront Of Corporate IoT

At its Convergence conference in Atlanta on Monday, Microsoft launched the Azure IoT suite and roadmapped its plans to become a leading player in the IoT space.
Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
The IoT suite which will be available as a preview later this year will offer customers tools that help with predictive maintenance, asset management and analytics.
Microsoft is attempting to spin off its cloud computing platform into a full-blown IoT solution, in the hope that it becomes the company’s backbone for corporate IoT rollouts.
Alongside Windows 10, which is being built up as a platform that’ll run on everything from PCs to robots to tiny sensors, Azure is becoming a key component of Microsoft’s future.
So far the breadwinner over at the company has been Windows deployments on Enterprise desktops, a strategy that’s come under fire for being a relic in today’s mobile age.
Overshooting its failure to dominate the mobile space, Windows 10 along with Azure will help the company gain access to the highly lucrative IoT sector which is expected to grow exponentially.

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