Microsoft Bing Review – Rich Interface, Related Searches ..and more


Microsoft Bing Review – Rich Interface, Related Searches ..and more

Microsoft Bing is Live and here are couple of interesting features to look at:

Bing Preview/Snippets

When you hover on a search result, you will see the orange icon – which gives you a quick preview of the site (text preview). Very useful, if you are still not sure of clicking (gone are the days, when one would feel lucky about web searches)

Bing: Related searches are useful

Microsoft is using Powerset technology and it shows up in the result – understanding of intent is fairly better than Google (search for ‘cat’ and you will know what I mean).

Bing: Rich Interface (not at all Googlish)

Personally speaking, I am bored of Google’ texty UI and won’t mind using a richer interface – as long as it does an equal/better job. Bing fits in.

Bing : What hasn’t worked well so far?

xRank – a technology that keeps track of notable people and puts them in order for you.
MS counts Live Search web searches for movie stars, musicians, and other famous people and then compiles it’s findings into an insightful ranking formula that tells you who the world is searching for most. The result is a cultural snapshot of who’s hot and who’s not!

xRank works well for US focused queries, but not otherwise (maybe, global launch of this feature should have been held, unless MS had collected substantial data)

While it’s too early to say Bing is better than Google or not, it surely will eat into other’s pie (read: Why Microsoft Calls it’s new search engine Bing?).

It seems powerful – MS is finally getting web right (hope so!).

All said and done, the search game has just begun.

What’s your take?

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