Microsoft Is Bringing Its Virtual Assistant Cortana To India

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Microsoft Is Bringing Its Virtual Assistant Cortana To India

Microsoft is sweetening the deal for many more users to upgrade to Windows 10 by making its virtual assistant Cortana available in more regions.

Windows 10 Cortana

The company has announced that Cortana will be available Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil and Mexico a few months into the launch.

Cortana will also make its debut in the U.S., UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain on July 29, alongside the Windows 10 global launch.

Microsoft is trying to pique interest by bringing its virtual assistant to the desktop, hopefully sparking some consumer interest in its smartphones.

However, it’s interesting to see that Microsoft is also bringing Cortana to Android and iOS mobile device platforms, meaning users will not have to be tied down to its Windows ecosystem to use it.

To roll out Cortana in different regions, the company studied what was important in a personal assistant in that market. Based on that research, Microsoft assembled a local team of creative writers, editors, programmers and voice talent to build a relevant experience.

For example, in Japan, a high level of politeness is valued, so Cortana is programmed to bow by default.

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