Microsoft Too Goes Against Free Basics

Save The Internet !
Save The Internet !

After all the major influencers shared their opinions on Facebook’s Free Basic, Microsoft too has come in the forefront and shared its perspective.

Microsoft India Chairman, Bhaskar Pramanik said that Free Basics does not comply with the principles of net neutrality and it does not treat all the content equally.

 “I don’t think what Facebook is doing is about net neutrality; it is about helping first-time users get on the Internet and they should call it that. But to muddy it and say that it is also net neutral doesn’t make sense.”

He further added that though Internet should be free for everyone, Free Basics does not do it.

“Somebody is paying for it. And the problem then is that if the operator or a service provider has the right to pay for it, then it limits smaller or any other organisation (not part of Free Basics). I think we need to be very clear that net neutrality means that everybody has the same advantages or disadvantages,” said Bhaskar. [source]


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