Microsoft gets desperate..offers (i.e. all possible weird email addresses)


Microsoft gets desperate..offers (i.e. all possible weird email addresses)

Qn: If your product lacks technical depth, what will you do?

  1. Invest more in technology (i.e. hire more developers)
  2. Call up marketing, hire dickheads and get something out.

Well, Microsoft is going ahead with the latter option. Instead of improving it’s live email client, Microsoft is instead offering tons of whacky email addresses to attract the Indian netizens.

cool hotmail

Yes, you can get all stupid email domain names that you want, for e.g. your,,,,,, etc.. [visit and get your preferred email id]

Quick look at email usage in India:

  • Yahoo is the number one email service in India, Gmail follows closely
  • Google leads the pack of `most preferred websites
  • As far as brand popularity is concerned, Microsoft stands at the 6th position (after Y!, Google, Rediff, Orkut and Gmail) (source)

It’s a no brainer that Microsoft is losing out to Google/Yahoo and even Rediff; and is a desperate attempt to get a big chunk of users to use the live hotmail client.

To a certain extent, this idea is innovative as your email id does reflects your personality (ah! MS thinks so) and it’s really fun to have a funky id, but I don’t think I will switch from Gmail to, unless Microsoft improves it’s core product.

I am sure many of us will instantly go ahead and get their kinda email ids, but we will stop checking these accounts after a while.
What about you? These domain names looks like a chat handle name..right?


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