Microsoft India Employees spill the beans ?

Blogging has it’s own nuisances and looks like, Microsoft India is learning it the hard way.

Recently, Microsoft’s MD Neelam Dhawan quit and joined HP – but the real reason for her exit wasn’t clear..(was it the consequence of some internal investigation?)

Mini-Microsoft, a blog that is used by MS India employees to vent off their feeling has some interesting viewpoints:

The really breaking news from Microsoft India is that the MD has been fired for the same transaction that various Microsoft people in Delhi have already been fired.

Please don’t fall for things like the ‘Best Place to Work For’ recognition by a reputed publication. These can be bought in India for a price. It is a well known fact that the One India PR head spent a fraction of her budget to buy this! It’s an irony that we got that award when we are experiencing the opposite of that – ‘worst place to work for!

And what about IDC vs. Redmond equation?

We have MD Neelam Dhawan who interviewed at Cisco 2 times and did not get a job there and is now going back to HP. The Country Manager for Xbox has left.

the so called innovative ideas emerging out of IDC are so stale that they just don’t get qualified to be called as innovative product ideas. The VP heading IDC is under tremendous pressure to show that there is some great innovation happening here. But, unfortunately his team is just not capable of delivering anything that will be worth talking about.

Our focus is too narrow and we wear the colored glasses that only show us what we want to see! The mobile innovation is happening else where. Is there someone in the team who can confidently articulate what the competition is up to? Do we know anything about J2ME Midlet story? Do we know how Symbian stacks against us? Are we clear about Adobe’s Flash story on mobile? Do we have a strategy for mobile web authoring? How do we counter the iPhone SDK? What will Google do with Android? What will IBM do with Eclipse in this space?

No! We have no time to figure this out.

IDC is still not capable of standing on its feet. It is completely remote controlled by Redmond. The teams here are just puppets that play into the whims of the Redmond GMs. The senior dev/test managers here lack depth and confidence to deliver independently.

Read the blog entry. (via livemint)

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