Microsoft Launches Send, An Email App That Works Like Instant Messaging

Microsoft has launched a new app Send built specifically for brief snappy email communication. The app is currently available for the iPhone and came out from the Microsoft Garage project.

Send offers users a quick text message like experience, but all messages are routed through Outlook meaning it can be referenced at any time later.

The logic behind Send is simple. Enterprise users wanted all their communications to be present within Outlook, regardless of the email app they were using. Now Send does the same for short texts.

There aren’t any subject lines or formal email constructs in Send, just like a text message or any other IM app. Further, there are a few quick reply options such as “On my way” etc.

The app is currently available only in the US and Canada, with Windows Phone and Android support coming soon. Office 365 business and school email accounts will be able to use Send.

Microsoft says it’s working on bringing more IT controls to the app in the near future. Send doesn’t show all of a user’s emails but messages sent through the app comply with an organization’s email compliance policy.

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