Microsoft Paying Developers $100,000 to Develop Windows Phone 8 Apps: Report


Microsoft Paying Developers $100,000 to Develop Windows Phone 8 Apps: Report


Windows Phone 8 has been out for over 8 months now and the one place the platform is still struggling is apps.

But Microsoft seems to be taking an interesting path to lure developers. If a recent report is to be believed the software giant is paying developers  $100,000 to some developers to develop Windows Phone apps.

Recent market share data from researcher IDC showed that Microsoft’s mobile shipments overtook BlackBerry’s in the first quarter, shipping 7 million devices, compared with BlackBerry’s 6.3 million. But this is still far off from Google’s Android which had 162.1 million devices shipped in just the last quarter.

According to the report by Bloomberg Businessweek, Microsoft has been offering $100,000 to some companies in Silicon Valley that will build Windows Phone apps.

Microsoft at present has 145,000 apps and games. But this is long off from leaders Android and iOS. Android has over 7,00,000 apps while iOS had over 9,00,000 with 3,75,000 of those just optimized for the iPad.

The company is running a “Keep the Cash” offer in the United States under which app developers can earn $100 for each accepted app published in the store. The offer is valid only for the first 10,000 qualified applications published in the Windows Store and/or in the Windows Phone Store till end of June.

If the report is true then Microsoft is definitely taking a very aggressive approach to populate its Windows Phone Store. A few popular apps like Temple Run and Angry Birds have made their way slowly to the platform, however, only time will tell if popular applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Flipboard do come to the platform.

Microsoft is not the first to pay developers to develop apps for its platform. Earlier reports have suggested that BlackBerry was guaranteeing BlackBerry 10 developers a minimum of $10,000 within the first year. This had some conditions. They also had a similar $100 payout to developers during a part-a-thon earlier this year.

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