Microsoft Research Shows Off Its VC3 Technology That Keeps Cloud Data Private

Microsoft Research has created a new system that keeps data stored in the cloud safe from coworkers, cloud providers and government spies even when the data is being accessed.
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The M or VC3 project is targeted at businesses and stores data in sort of a lock box which can only be accessed via secure hardware managed by it.
The company takes the example of a financial service that need to access a number of clients’ personal financial records to make a complex series of calculations in the cloud.
In order to make these calculations, the client’s data is loaded into the secure hardware in the cloud, where the data is decrypted, processed and re-encrypted, ensuring that no one can see or access this data.

Further safeguards include a lock to avoid manipulation of results of the calculation, meaning even a rogue insider can’t cause the company or its clients any financial damages.
Microsoft is hoping that by offering better safeguards compared to on-premise server systems, customers will feel more comfortable shifting to cloud-based systems.

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