Microsoft’s Skype For Web Is Now Available Globally


Microsoft’s Skype For Web Is Now Available Globally

Microsoft has rolled out the web client for its communications service Skype which will allow users to access all their chats via a browser without downloading the app.

Skype for Web

Skype for Web (Beta) is now available worldwide and supports Chrome OS, Linux and Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows and OS X.

The launch of Skype’s web app comes just days after Microsoft announced Skype for Outlook that makes it easier to use Skype together with your inbox.

Users can have the skype app installed on their mobile devices and wish to view their chats on a larger screen, in which case Skype for Web will be the easiest solution, with all chats getting synced instantly.

Signing into Skype for Web is as straightforward as signing into the app, all users have to do is enter their ID and password – no need to scan a QR code like with WhatsApp Web.


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