News Roundup: Microsoft to Launch Transliteration Tool, Orkut Adds Colours..and more

Today’s News: Microsoft to Launch Transliteration Tool, Reuters Market Light & Future Group Partnership. Airtel Digital TV Subscription reaches 1.5million subscribers.

Microsoft to Launch Transliteration Tools

Microsoft would soon release transliteration tools for six Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam.

The beta version of these tools would be made available for free downloads from Microsoft’s Web site in the next few weeks. MS also plans to launch Windows7 in 14 languages –details


Reuters Market Light  and Future Group Partnership

Reuters Market Light has partnered with Future Group’s Aadhaar Retailing Limited to expand RML’s offering in ARL stores across key states like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP.

ARL has a very significant presence in rural markets across the country and is a well known company in the agricultural services space. RML Direct Cards will be available for 3/6/12 month durations costing Rs. 260/500/850 respectively.

RML provides personalized and customized, decision-critical agricultural information to farmers which has created a significant positive impact in their lives. This relevant information is sent to farmers’ mobile phones via local language SMS (short message service) and is aimed at maximizing their productivity and increasing income.

Farmers can activate the RML service using an easy to use RML Direct scratch card, and create their personalized service comprising of localized weather updates, crop advisory, agricultural rural news and market prices in 11 states, from a wide menu of 250 crops and 1200 local and national markets, in the local language of their choice. – details

Airtel Digital TV Subscription

Airtel Digital TV has added 1.5mn subscribers in the month between April to October, 2009. The industry added 5.5-6 million DTH customers during the April-October 2009 period and expects the industry to add 10 million more subscribers this fiscal year [details]

Orkut Adds Colours

Orkut, after the facelift has launched feature that enables users to change the colors within a click [details]


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