Microsoft received 416 requests from Indian government agencies seeking information on 683 users between July- December 2013, the company said in its latest transparency report. This is a rise of nearly 50% as compared to the previous 6 months.

The company provided agencies subscriber/ transactional data in 3 out of 4 cases (see pic below). Microsoft, which updates the report very six months, said that the report includes data on all services including Skype.

Microsoft Transparency Report March 2013 (India)

In total, the company received 35,083 requests which specifically asked for details on 58,676 user accounts. In 76.43% of cases, Microsoft provided subscriber/ transactional data to the government agency which sought information.

Microsoft Transparency Report March 2013 (Worldwide)

Note: This time, Microsoft has included Skype data in the report. In the last report, Microsoft and Skype data was reported separately. Full report here.

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