Microsoft Plans To Bring White-fi Technology To Connect Rural India


Microsoft has plans to pilot its brand new ‘White-fi’ technology to bring internet connectivity to reach the larger, untapped part of India.

White-fi, or White Space, technology uses an unused frequency in TV channels to transmit data over long distances. The technology is more reliable and has more range than current Wi-fi is able to achieve. In a country like India this would be a boon in order to get affordable internet to the rural masses.

Normally in a place like India where low population density areas and lower income groups do not appeal to regular ISPs, internet access which is able to run on renewable energy or existing infrastructure like White-Fi could experience a boom. This could provide Microsoft the foot in the door in becoming a major Internet Service Provider.

It could also be seen as Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Loon project, involving floating balloons 18 to 25 kilometres into the air to create an ‘aerial 3G network’ providing internet connectivity, which has been tested in Brazil.

Microsoft has been working with the Indian Government closely to acquire the necessary permits and approvals to run pilots to see if they can indeed connect rural India to the rest of the world.

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