Microsoft’s Windows 7 House Party – Date Goof up and a Lesson in Product Launch

Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the most awaited product launch in the coming days and while Microsoft is doing it’s best to tighten the loose ends, here is an interesting date hard coding that caught my eye.

I registered at the Windows 7 houseparty site yesterday, and this is what I got (message in the dashboard):

Windows 7 houseparty date
Microsoft Windows 7 House Party

Your application was received on Tuesday, September 22 2009 and is now under review.

You will be notified by email of your status on or around Monday, September 21. Good luck!

So the application was received on 22nd and I will be notified by 21st (you mean back in time?)

Sorry if I sound a little nitpicky, but that’s the kind of ‘attention to detail’ you would need during the product launch (or do a campaign around the launch).
You need to get everything right and if you can’t get everything right, keep it so damn minimal that you don’t get it wrong (for instance, if you can’t write great catchy lines and do not have money to hire a copy writer, shoot a damn video!).

What’s your opinion?

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