Microsoft gets Desperate to sell Vista. Will offer XP for free

Vista, the operating system that took MS hell lot of time to launch doesn’t seem to be doing so great.

Steve Ballmer has now announced that Vista users will get XP too, so that if they don’t like Vista, they can switch to XP.

"Customers get both," said Ballmer…if you don’t like it, you can turn it into Windows XP.’ – source

So, even though XP’s support is supposed to end by June 30th, customers can still get a fresh copy of XP by buying Vista (and then click on the Downgrade to XP button!).

How cool is that?

I, somehow find this sales strategy quite funny and is simply a sign of desperation (esp. for Ballmer, as nothing is going right ever since he took the charge)

To add icing to the chaotic cake,another OS version will be launched by late 2009!

So, as a developer you will have to worry about 3 OS’s and combine that with different versions of IE.

What’s your reaction?

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