Milagrow to launch tablets named after Olympic medalist Gagan Narang [Guerilla Marketing?]

Milagrow HumanTech, provider of TabTop PC’s and Domestic Robots earlier announced a unique encouragement program for the Indian Olympics Team – i.e. of launching special TabTop PCs and Domestic Robots to honor the Olympic medal winners. Importantly, 5% of the sales proceeds will be given to the medal winners which will be a life time initiative for every model that will sell.

The company has now announced edition of devices (tablets/domestic robots) named after the Indian shooter Gagan Narang, who won bronze medal in the 10m air rifle event in the Olympic games. The company expects to sell more than 10,000 Tab Tops/Domestic Robots named after Gagan Narang at a cost of Rs 10,000.

“Every Indian is looking up at the athletes for the upcoming Olympics and are hoping that end up bagging medals for India. Keeping this sentiment in mind we thought what better way that to launch a special edition TabTop PC’s and Robots which will revolve around the theme of the upcoming Olympics.  These special edition products will be launched within 6 months of the culmination of the Olympics which will be in consultation with the individual athletes and the team representatives” [Rajeev Karwal, Founder & CEO Milagrow Business & Knowledge Solutions]milagrow


Guerilla Marketing

Milagrow isn’t the official sponsor of Indian Olympics team, but is probably putting up a bigger bet/commitment than most of the other sponsors and I believe, has got more press coverage/media mentions than any other sponsor (do you even know who are the other sponsors?).

Importantly, this also gives Olympic games winner an incentive to market the branded devices as their payout too is linked to sales numbers. Moreover, this is a better way to connect with the overall mass’ emotions and in a subtle way, push one’s agenda as well – a case of ‘Chance pe Dance’ and importantly, being seen as true supporter of ‘India shining’ movement!

Good strategy? What’s your opinion? Why are you (or your startup) not doing this?

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