Moo Commerce is Here! Milma To Launch Portal to Buy & Sell Cows



was a joke. Until now. Things just got a little too real. Soon, you will be able to buy cows online. And no, its is not an Onion report.

The Malabar regional co-operative milk producers union (which works under the the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation) will soon come up with an e-commerce site to buy and sell cows, a Malayalam daily reports.

The website, will post details of a cow including pictures for to choose. The project will be implemented with the help of Indian Institute of Management- Kozhikode. The co-operative is planning to use Central Government funds under the National Agriculture Development scheme.

The plan is to include nearly 1000 farmers from 6 districts on the marketplace, Keralakaumudi reported. The website will have details including approximate selling price, its size, height, age, breed and how much milk it gives.

Can’t wait to have one express shipped to Bangalore!

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