Mindfulness meditation made easy with this desi app

NextBigWhat recently worked on a video for our product management course trainees that spoke of Product Thinking and used Yoga and meditation as an example. We focused on the fact that the only globally successful meditation app was Headspace, which happens to be from the West, and why it is that Indian startups haven’t been able to leverage our cultural heritage which birthed these phenomenon in the first place. Happily, we’ve received Aware app as a submission and it happens to be an Indian meditation/mindfulness focused app. 


Aware is a popular mindfulness & meditation app helping people shape healthier, happier lives. It makes mindfulness simpler to help stay calm, reduce stress, improve productivity and bring much more positivity into life. It is one of the highest rated applications on Google Playstore.

 Bengaluru, India

About the founders/founding team:
Avinash Saurabh is the Founder & CEO of Aware, a mindfulness & meditation app.

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