Minekey mines Social Opinions – Revamps as Destination Site (for opinions)

Minekey which started as a recommendation service for blogs, and later launched it’s iThink app @ Facebook is launching it’s new destination site (today at TC50) that extend it’s current discussion network (which is Facebook) to span across the five leading social networks – Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 and Orkut.

Interesting stats from the team:  Over 1.8 million users have participated in discussions on Minekey network and have expressed over 1 million opinions, cast 40 million votes and written over 7 million comments.

The new service enables one to create their own page (an example) which is a footprint of opinions expressed by the individual.

What’s really interesting is Minekey’s 360 degree approach towards user engagement, i.e. : users->social networks-> Opinions <-users<-more social networks. – essentially, creating a social network using the already existing social graph.

Surely a great platform play that connects users based on opinions.

What’s your opinion?

Minekey has raised funding from NEA IndoUS Ventures.

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