Minekey – Recommendation service that can improve your blog/site’s page views

If you are one of those bloggers who check their stats every now and then (and still wonder where the heck are your visitors?), you have a friend in minekey.

Minekey is a recommendation service that aims to deliver highly personalized content recommendations to readers of blogs and websites based on what they are looking at or have read in the past.

And the obvious qn – why another recommender service?
Most companies in the recommendations space use collaborative filtering, which looks at aggregated data and “wisdom of crowds” rather than specific interests. Minekey’s service integrates behavioral targeting, contextual matching, personalization affinity and the collective wisdom of the experts to ensure that users get content specifically relevant to their individual needs.

How does it work?
Once you have registered, you need to enter the feed id of sites that deliver the same sort of content (as yours). If you are wondering that this can potentially take your site visitor to competitor’s page, don’t worry. In that case, you can simply enter your own feed id and MineKey will deliver the content from your blog/site only. Once you are done with entering feed data, select the widget colors/type and you will get a custom code which you can install in your blog.

MineKey’s USP is that it goes beyond using the meta keywords and post metadata; and infact uses behavioral data too to display the related posts. The business case for Minekey is very simple – too many bloggers writing too many posts, and as the guy who is reading a post, I get all related posts in one place. Contextually served. Period.


Though the current avatar has all the jazziness to attract bloggers to use the product, there are a few jaggy edges. For e.g. one cannot fully customize the widgets as one would like to (and that’s why I had to remove the widget from this site, because I couldn’t change the widget’s header colors).
While I write this post, Minekey is presenting at AlwaysOn Stanford summit (they were the chosen company@ Proto too) and am sure they will gain good traction in the coming days.

If you are a serious blogger, I strongly suggest you to give Minekey a spin and share your comments,.

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