MingleBox and Sequoia – It’s all in the family?

Couple of weeks back, Minglebox announced the investment of 7mn $ from Sequoia Capital.
Little did we know the family angle to the entire deal- Kavita Iyer, CEO founder of MingleBox, is the wife of Sequoia India MD, Sandeep Singhal.

Valleywag reports:

..Minglebox’s founder is Kavita Iyer, who just happens to be the wife of Sandeep Singhal, managing director of the prestigious venture capital firm’s Indian operation. Funny, that. But, before working one’s self into a lather, best to remember that, back in meritocratic California, Mark Kvamme followed his father-in-law into the Sequoia clubhouse.
Moral of the story? Merely, that Menlo Park is just as incestuous as Bangalore; and Sequoia faces fewer cultural divides, as the firm spreads outside the US, than one might think.

Interesting! What’s your take?


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