MingleBox changes track..focuses on Education

Minglebox,it seems has changed it’s track and instead of social networking is turning into a more useful social network – the new interface shows more focus on college courses, career advice etc.

For instance, while registration, one can now opt for job and placement help from the site – the portal has also roped in counselors to answer queries from users.

Unlike the earlier avatar (which was all about ‘coolness’ of uploading music and videos/ adding tons of friends), this one surely has lot more useful content (important dates/cat preparation tips etc).

As far as traffic is concerned, Alexa shows a scary curve (which I believe will change as the 2.0 strategy kicks in)

Personally speaking, I welcome this change and it does reinforces my belief that you can’t build an Orkut to beat Orkut (for that matter, any successful service).

Do give the new avatar a spin and share your comments.

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