Minjar : The startup you need to deeply learn from #ProductGeeksConf

Chances are that you may not have heard of Minjar as frequently as you would have heard of several startups which just fizzled out.
Minjar is one of a super inspiring success story from India.
The company which raised only $2mn was recently acquired for $50mn (by Nutanix) and most importantly, not just the investors and founders, but employees too made *good* money during exit – in short, one of the very few ‘happy’ stories from India.

More than anything, Minjar’s acquisition has also opened up a lot of new opportunities for SAAS companies and ‘nerd’ founders who are looking to expand globally and also look for exits.
Being geeky is cool and we are happy to share that we will have Vijay Rayapati from Minjar founding team coming over for an “UnPluggd” AMA at the #ProdGeeks Conference.

Ask him anything about the exit process and how can companies prepare for it? Ask him anything on US launch / go to market and what all should one take care of?


#ProdGeeksConf Details

Date: April 14th (Bangalore)
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Contact: team@nextbigwhat.com
Speakers/Agenda: http://events.nextbigwhat.com/agenda
Discount Code: Use the discount code “NEXTBIGWHAT” (grab more than 30% discount. Ticket prices will increase after this weekend).

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