MintM Wants To Help Store Owners Feel the Pulse of Customers to Improve Loyalty

Getting to know how your customers are feeling about your store is key to most businesses. It becomes even more important to know how satisfied the customer is in a store that provides services. Like for instance a hotel, or a car service station.

Sometime ago, we’d written about MintM, a location aware mobile app which allows a user to figure out deals, promotional offers and get loyalty rewards at local businesses.

The company has launched another app called Pulse, which is more of a customer management solution for brick and mortar stores. It helps store owners improve the overall customer experience.

The tablet based application, geared towards service based businesses such as restaurants,  hotels and such helps the store owners get customer feedback, run special campaigns on e-mail and SMS campaigns and improve the overall customer experience.

There are many companies that operate in the rewards and loyalty management. Most of them concentrate on reward points. But MintM has taken a slightly different approach. They want to make loyalty and customer retention more about customer experience and not about reward points.MintM Pulse

A study they conducted showed that less than 20% of customers care for loyalty points. “They care more for the store experience, value for money etc,” says Sachin Garg, the co-founder of MintM. Garg, an IIT graduate who has worked for large corporations like Cisco and Intel, has small team working on the product.

The app, Pulse, is already being used at stores such as P N Rao in Bangalore. A few pilot projects are also going on. Pulse has a lite version which is free to use and an enterprise version for which the store pays a fixed monthly fee.

While there are a few such apps that are used to collect feedback, MintM also provides analytics and promises business outcomes.

Essentially, the app will do away with paper based forms and the hassles of logging it into a computer and dealing with excel sheets. It also lets you create a customer database which can be used for promotions. The app doesn’t need web connectivity after installation.

If you run a brick and mortar outlet, give Pulse a spin and let us know what you think.

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