The Reason Why I Do Not Trust Banner Ads [and Indian OTAs]

We have been very vocal about the lack of trust eCommerce companies bestow upon the consumers and while few companies openly state that they sell your data, most of them (OTAs) have really failed to build a useful portal [read:Customer Focus : Why Indian online travel space is not with it, mostly].

The rush has been to be on top of Google search result page, to collect your email address (and sell it); but it really is frustrating that companies are misleading customers with wrong advertising of ticket rates which are NOT available on the site!

Misleading Yatra Banner Ad
Misleading Yatra Banner Ad

On the left side is Yatra’s banner ad which clearly mentions that Delhi to Bangalore ticket is priced at Rs. 4739. And on the right side, the real ticket price is Rs. 5,114+ (click on the image for a  better resolution).

While you might want to say ‘chalta hai’ (the great Indian mentality), but isn’t it time that companies stand accountable for what they advertise vis-à-vis what they offer?Do we need an online version of ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) to stop such misleading advertisements?

What’s your take? As far as I am concerned, this was my last visit to Yatra website.

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