A look at MIT Technology Review India’ TR35 list of young Technology Innovators under 35 for 2012

Bangalore as emerged as India’s hottest technology innovation city with five innovators from the Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore) making it to the ‘India TR35 2012 list of young technology innovators’.

The list of 20 innovators from Biomedicine (2), Communications (2), Computing (4), Energy (2), Materials (3), Transportation (2) and Web (5) under the age of 35 for 2012 was announced by the India edition of tr35_india_x133MITTechnology Review, with IIT Bombay leading the rally (among organizations).

List of India TR35 2012


Abhijeet Joshi, 28, Nanosensors in microspheres, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Ahmedabad

Nitin Joshi, 28, Making chemotherapy non-invasive, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai


Shaunak Khire, 22, Enabling businesses to advertise through mobile phone, Camber Tech, Pune

Venkatesan Oosur Vinayagam, 28, Mobile antakshari, Hexolabs Interactive Technologies, Chennai, Social Innovator of the year


Anthony Vipin Das, 28, Digitizing medical records, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

Shirish Goyal, 27, Fool-proof security to prevent data theft, LinkSmart Technologies, Bangalore

Sumeet Yamdagni, 29, Optical instruments for Fiber Bragg Grating sensors, Instrumentation Scientific Technologies, Bangalore

Hemanth Kumar Satyanarayana, 29, Virtual trial rooms, Imaginate Software Labs, Hyderabad


VSK Murthy Balijepalli, 26, Forecasting the price and load of electricity, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Vanteru Mahendra Reddy, 30, Flameless combustion with liquid fuels, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai


Abhijit Majumder, 33, Making stronger adhesives that can imitate nature, Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur

Vivek Nair, 23, Carbon nanotubes from carbon emissions, Damascus Fortune, Mumbai

Priyanka Sharma, 28, Plastic biochip electrochemical sensor for immunosensing applications, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh         


Somnath Ray, 35, A viable para-transit mode of mobility, Dplay,Delhi Humanitarian of the Year

Anirudh Sharma, 24, Haptic shoe for the visually impaired. Ducere Technologies, Bangalore Innovator of the Year


Sachin Dev Duggal, 28, Moving desktop computer into the cloud, Nivio Technologies, Gurgaon

Unni Koroth, 26, Open source platform for institute management, Foradian Technologies, Kasaragod

Vikas Malpani, 28, Bringing communities on a common floor, MaxHeap Technologies, Bangalore

Jay Meattle, 29, Demand side platform for selling ad inventories, Shareaholic.com, Delhi

Animesh Nandi, 33, Personalized privacy frameworks, Bell Labs India, Alcatel-Lucent, Bangalore.

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