Meet Mitri, a HR robot and receptionist. She can decode your mood as well


Meet Mitri, a HR robot and receptionist. She can decode your mood as well

Bengaluru based Invento Robotics has created Mitri, and she is India’s first female robot receptionist.

Mitri is not decked up like a human, but she, as the company claims has all the right ‘soft’ qualities of human, the manners, which robots seldom have.

Her head is dome-shaped, antenna-fitted. She has a plastic body frame and blue LED eyes.

Mitri is constantly blinking her eyes and turning her head to check the people around her. And it’s not only the blinking; once you register your details with her – a process where she will ask you questions and will register your name, age, workplace and other details – she will recognise you. And once she recognises you, her eyes widen. “She will even raise her hand to give you a handshake,” says her creator Balaji Viswanathan.

Right from the beginning Mitri was supposed to be a ‘people’s robot’ and designed to be a front desk and HR robot. Being a high people interaction job for a robot, she has all the subtle qualities of a human which could make humans interacting with her smile.

“She can process people’s performance, recognise them when they appear in front of her and give them personal inputs on how they can improve. She can move around and interact with employees at their workstations and can even sense when people are having bad days or are depressed. If she does sense this with employee mannerisms, Mitri will interact with them carefully to cheer them up. She can also be coded to speak multiple languages (via).

While a HR person might not be omnipresent on work-floor, a HR robot can certainly be and thus could be a great asset to any HR department.

Time will only tell whether Mitri and her other friends which might arrive sooner than later are welcomed into offices or not, but she is certainly someone to watch for.

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