mKhoj raises $7.1mn from KPCB, Sherpalo

Mobile ad network, mKhoj has raised $7.1mn from KPCB and Sherpalo Ventures.

mKhoj’s (read the earlier coverage) journey has been quite an interesting one – they started off as a mobile local deals player, but saw real success in their advertising platform.

mKhoj earlier raised seed round from Mumbai Angels – a fact we were aware of, but never really wrote about it, since Amit personally didn’t confirm to me.

$7.1 mn is a big money and bringing in reputed VCs like KPCB is definitely a validation of mKhoj’s execution.

KPCB, quite lately  is very bullish about the mobile advertising/payment market and has even launched iFund, a $100mn fund dedicated to iPhone apps!

Mobile advertising is gaining traction in India and given the penetration, advertisers are looking for innovative solutions (like regional language advertising).

Recently, Microsoft launched it’s digital/mobile advertising platform and mGinger (which earlier raised $2mn from DFJ) launched regional language advertising.

What’s your take on mobile advertising? Is it sustainable enough to monetize the long tail/BoP users?

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