mKhoj Rebrands as InMobi

Mobile ad network, mKhoj has rebranded itself as InMobi. This was in making for the last few months, as the company is expanding to different geographies and had to ditch it’s ‘Indian’ name (it’s difficult to tell overseas advertisers/publishers what ‘mkhoj’ really means).

mKhoj InMobi has expanded in South Asian market, and is now eyeing European market.

The new website is a welcome change from the earlier one (which was quite boring and unprofessional), though the new website has broken experience (which I am sure will be fixed shortly).

mKhoj InMobi has given tough fight to AdMob (they serve ~2Bn impressions a month, as opposed to AdMob’s 7Bn impressions) and has smartly stayed away from AdMob’s turf, i.e. US market – so expect a fierce competition in European market, where the eCPM rates are much higher and so is the mobile penetration.

mKhoj InMobi started as a local deals search engine, but later morphed into an ad network and raised $7.1mn from KPCB and Sherpalo.

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