MnemonicDictionary: Word Power Made Easy with Mnemonics

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MnemonicDictionary: Word Power Made Easy with Mnemonics

mnemonicdictionaryMnemonicDictionary is an interesting concept that uses Mnemonics to encode difficult-to-remember information in a way that is much easier to recall after long time.

Simply put, mnemonicdictionary helps you remember the meaning of a word by connecting it with something you already know.

For e.g:

  • Onus (meaning: burden)
    Mnemonic — ON-US you are ON US ie. you are burden to me,


  • Caulk , which means ‘to make watertight’ can be broken as follows:
    Mnemonic — caulk sounds like cork which makes bottles watertight

The concept is cool, though I am not too sure whether this is a product in itself, and is rather a good feature which potentially has lot of stickiness and can piggyback on another product (isn’t building community a tough task?)

My first feedback to the founding team – get a presence on FaceBook – i.e. create a FB app. Most of your target audience is right there waiting for some cool stuff. The product does have the “community” appeal and potential to generate some interesting discussion.

Ditto with Orkut Apps.

Also, I am not too sure how comfortable are you with the url – as a mnemonicdictionary, they should come up with some short and simple – isn’t mnemonic a difficult word to type? And considering that they are targeting users who have difficulty with difficult words, a short and simple URL is actually a no-brainer.

The site has been started by Amit Aggarwal, IIT B 2007 passout and the team has bigger plans to make it into an e-learning portal.

What’s your opinion on mneomonicdictionary?

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