Mobile Ad-Spend – India emerges most powerful market in Asia-Pacific

NextBigWhat had earlier mentioned about the increase in ad-spent across mediums in India and the mass migration of users to smartphones from feature phones, with Android OS being the most preferred one.  A new report released by Opera Mediaworks, essentially combining these two phenomenons, denotes that India has shown huge increase in mobile advertising.

Mobile – ad impressions in India have grown by 260% since July 2013, with Y-o-Y growth of 70%, to be the single-most powerful driver of Asia –Pacific market. The report also finds that Social websites are the most used feature on Indian smartphones. While this is consistent with the global trend, what is particular to India is the heavy usage of mobile app stores, gaming & education sites, and apps.

graph 1

Mobile – advertisements served in India are mostly for games and mobile devices, together representing nearly half (48.1%) of all impressions. Classified ads, however, comprise a significant portion, with 1 in 5 impressions dedicated to the direct sales of personal transportation like cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. While most ads are simple banners, more sophisticated rich media is emerging as a creative medium. Even at only 3.2% of impressions, rich media drives 26.6% of revenue.

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Considering the mobile user base in India, Opera’s reports point out that 60% of the advertising audiences are between the age group of 18-34 with 80% of them being male. About half of this audience is occasional web users who access the internet 1-2 times a week. 6 out of 10 ad impressions are served to 21.6% frequent users (1 out of 5 users) who access the web 6-7 times a week. Weekends see more ad interactions as compared to weekdays.

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Globally, News & Information publishers collectively account for just over 13% of the revenue. However, this opportunity pales in comparison to that presented by the Arts & Entertainment category. The Android audience in India for Arts & Entertainment is larger than what is experienced for ad traffic globally.


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