Consumers Spent 75% Of The Time On Top 4 Apps [bigMobility]

There was a time when desktop was considered to be the most used medium for the world to connect online. But with increasing adoption of smartphones in recent times, this trend has changed and now mobile phones and tablets dominate the digital connectivity. Last year US became a multi-platform majority with user digital consumption being mainly through mobile phones and tablets every month. The same year, mobile usage crossed desktop usage in terms of total digital media engagement. This year saw a new development – APP MAJORITY – where now the majority of all digital media time spent occurs on mobile apps.

This was an expected phenomenon as apps have allowed users to attain a great deal of real life fulfillment such as hailing a cab, checking weather, purchase of commodities etc or for digital fulfillment to post an update on Facebook, stream videos or watch movies.. These apps drive the mobile digital consumption and is where most of the device’s utility comes from.

Although engagement is higher on mobile, advertising on this platform has not made it big yet. But as seen in every previous development, money follows eyeballs and hence mobile app economy  will have a bright future.

Statistics / Time Spent on Apps

US mobile platform saw mobile usage go up 1.5 times in the past year with total digital consumption going up by 24%. This increase did not eat on the desktop usage as desktop usage also increased by 1%. Mobile usage including web browsers is estimated at 60% of total usage. 87% of time spend on mobile is considered to be app driven as smartphones fare above tablets in mobile web usage.


75% of smartphone users in the US download at least one app every month while the average user downloads 3. The total number of app downloads is highly concentrated in the top 7% of users who account for nearly half of all download activity in a given month. App constellations by Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay top the app charts.

Most of the US uses mobile apps everyday. App usage from smartphones is at 57%, almost double the usage on tablets. 79% on smartphones and 52% on tablets accessed apps all 26 days of a month.


Almost half the time spent on mobile apps are spent on the individuals favourite app. 75% of the time is spent on the top 4 apps. Across all age segments, the most time is spent on leisure-oriented apps in the Social Networking, Entertainment and Messaging categories. The younger the age segment the higher the concentration of this activity, Facebook ranks first in all demographic segment showing its popularity and importance in mobile segment.  43% of iOS and 39% of android users are between the age group of 18-34. 57% of ipad users and 53% of android tablet users are below the age of 45.


On an average iPhone users engage 9 more hours in a month compared to Android users on apps like General News, Radio, Photos, Social Networking and Weather with their smartphones. Android users spend a greater share of their time in the Search and Email categories due to the strong native presence of Google Search and Gmail on the platform.


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