Pune based Gapps launches mobile apps for real-time cab booking & SaaS based fleet management service


Pune based Gapps launches mobile apps for real-time cab booking & SaaS based fleet management service

Pune based Gapps softwares has launched a mobile app which offers real time taxi booking for passengers and fleet owners to manage their fleet of cabs irrespective of size. Using Gapps mobile application which is available on Android, iphone and iPad, one can monitor a particular taxi or cab, keep a tab on taxi fare, routes and distances.Mega Taxi  Home Page

The Gapps mobile platform offers features such as shortest and best route to the destination, fare calculator and locating a particular cab on the map through GPS (Global Positioning System). It also boasts advanced features such as maintenance of driver and user profile for future reference. Users who have once registered with this service can save time by clicking a button which would fetch their saved information and also show most-visited routes and destinations.

Functionalities that Gapps platform provides

  • Route and map facilities for Customer and Driver.
  • Automatic navigation to pickup and drop off
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Address Lookup by street, business name or postcode
  • Fare Calculator- Distance based and fixed pricing prediction
  • Multi-fleet/Multi-company
  • Vehicle/Driver Document and history tracking
  • Real time Driver-User interaction via live chat.
  • Automatic dispatching
  • Satellite locating (GPS) and Digital maps
  • Advance bookings
  • Reports and drivers’ data
  • User and Drivers Profile maintenance.
  • Highly customizable. Can addRemove functionalities.

Gapps’ platform also weeds out the dependency on complex cab aggregators. Consumer or fleet owners can download the taxi application on their mobile devices and request pickups via single-button press. While this request goes to the server, the subscribed drivers to this service can see customer requests and take the respective booking (also see: Olacabs does Uber in India – launches mobile app for real time cab hiring).

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Gapps’ pricing model comes in a software as a service model and varies in range of Rs 200 to Rs 2,000. Revenue share model is available only for cab owners having a fleet of less than 10 taxis. Gapps is founded by Pradeep Singh, a former telecom business analyst.

As far as future plans are concerned, Gapps team plans to take the model globally and is launching SMS/IVR based system in India.

Roundup of funding in cab booking space in India:

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